ELKINS, W.V. – Allegheny Insurance has added several new companies to its extensive line of carriers and expanded other existing relationships, providing clients around West Virginia and surrounding states with an even broader array of options.

Allegheny, an independent insurance agency, and its immediate predecessors have been providing personalized options to people since 1893.

“Our status as an independent agency allows us to seek out the best options for our clients,” said Jay Wallace, president of Allegheny Insurance Services. “Even more important than our insurance partners, however, are Allegheny’s people. We provide personalized service that ensures you get the coverage you need – no more and no less.”

Allegheny Insurance serves clients from offices in Elkins and Philippi, in locations around West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Wallace stressed that Allegheny and its people understand that no two clients are the same, and no two insurance programs should be, either.

“We tailor insurance programs to fit the individual needs of businesses and personal lifestyles,” Wallace said. “We don’t just take information over the telephone in 15 minutes nor have clients fill out an online questionnaire. We build relationships and get to know people and their specific requirements.”

Allegheny’s new carriers and enhanced relationships will help do that, Wallace noted.

  • The Cincinnati Insurance Company offers a wide array of business insurance options. Cincinnati is a new carrier available to Allegheny Insurance clients, and is available exclusively through independent insurance agencies. The company, which has been around for more than 60 years, is among the nation’s top 25 property casualty insurer groups.
  • Also joining the Allegheny line of carriers is Motorists Mutual, who started to grow about the same time as the automobile grew in popularity, in 1928. Focused in the mid-Atlantic and Midwest markets, Motorists Mutual works with independent agents to tailor policies to the needs of drivers. The firm has expanded over the years and offers life, long-term care, home, auto and commercial insurance, among other lines.
  • State Auto was founded in 1921 with just three employees, and it now markets its policies through more than 3,000 independent agencies in 33 states. The company offers a variety of products which Allegheny has expanded to include auto, property and casualty, business, farm and boat insurance.
  • Travelers is among the world’s largest insurers, and Allegheny’s expanded relationship with the company brings new products and peace of mind to local clients. Travelers is capable of covering everything from individual vehicles to small, mid-sized and large businesses. Travelers also can cover a single event, such as a fair, festival or even a wedding.
  • Brickstreet became West Virginia’s first private workers’ compensation carrier on Jan. 1, 2006, and has grown and thrived since its creation. Brickstreet not only insures companies for potential worker injuries, it provides tools to improve workplace safety and minimize losses.

With these and other existing carriers, Allegheny Insurance offers a full line of options for personal or commercial clients, including auto, life, health, long-term care, disability, general liability, workers’ compensation and many more.

“Selecting the appropriate coverage can seem intimidating at first,” Wallace said. “We work closely with people because we realize it’s not their job to be experts in insurance. That’s our job.”

There are other advantages to doing business with a company such as Allegheny Insurance. The firm is based in West Virginia and supports its local communities in a number of ways.

“We’re right in your backyard, and we’re easy to reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Wallace said. “We have the experience you need and the personal touch you deserve.”

For more information on Allegheny Insurance and its full line of carriers or to set up an appointment, visit www.alleghenyinsurance.com or call 1-800-628-7794.