Allegheny Insurance Services, Inc. enjoys helping community groups with donated water, and the local company hopes those water bottles will inspire others to give as well.

Allegheny’s “Keep the Change” program makes the point that a one-pound, one-pint bottle of water costs 10 cents to produce, but when people refill the pint with dimes from their pockets it represents $100 in a 2.5-pound bottle. The Davis Cancer Care Center is among the first recipients of the donations, with two filled bottles assisting people with wigs, transportation costs and other items covered by the Cancer Patients Assistance Fund, said Linda Zirbs, RN at the Cancer Center.

Jay Wallace, president of Allegheny Insurance, wants other people to fill the bottles and pay the kindness forward.

“The next time anyone sees an Allegheny water bottle, take the initiative and fill it full of spare change and donate the money to a charity of your choice,” said Wallace.

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