People love to ride ATV’s, play, hike and do other recreational activities on vacant land. For this reason, it’s typically not the lack of income from vacant land that is the largest financial risk, it’s the liability. As the land owner, you could be held liable if someone were to get injured on your vacant property. Taking precautionary steps such as posting no trespassing signs help to deter unwanted guests, but more often than not these signs are ignored.

In the insurance industry, Vacant Land is any premise that does not include a man-made structure. Although land owners are not required to carry insurance on vacant property, there are still good reasons to have it.

What to Be Mindful of:

  • Hunters & Fisherman pose heightened risk of injury or fatal wounds
  • Hikers unfamiliar with the terrain of the land
  • Children that trespass or play
  • ATV accidents resulting in injury

You’re already paying taxes on the land and nobody wants to spend more to maintain a piece vacant property. However, the risks are real and if someone were to file a lawsuit against you for a broken leg resulting from an ATV accident, you could be liable.

Acquiring Vacant Land Insurance is usually as easy as extending your homeowner’s policy and will protect you up to whatever your liability limit was.

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