James W. Wallace, President of Allegheny Insurance Services and Jeffrey Sickler, Jr., Personal Lines Customer Service Technician at Allegheny Insurance Services, present a $1,000 check to Victor J. Iapalucci, Philip Barbour High School Band Director.

Allegheny Insurance today announced the winners of their “Keep the Change” match donation program as Philip Barbour High School Band, with North Marion High School Track Team coming in second and Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County in third.

For the “Keep the Change” initiative that ran over the summer, Allegheny Insurance donated water bottles to local groups and organizations that could sell them and make at least a 100% profit, selling the bottle for $1.00-$1.50. Allegheny then encouraged those who purchased the water to keep their bottles and fill them with dimes; each water bottle holds 1,000 dimes or $100. By September 1st, those who purchased the bottles and wanted to donate decided on a charity to which to donate the funds – Allegheny Insurance is matching the top three winning charities with donations up to $1,000.

“We are thrilled to be donating to such deserving members of our local community,” said James W. Wallace, President of Allegheny Insurance Services, Inc. “In just its first year, our ‘Keep the Change’ program engaged many people in the region. We’re looking forward to even greater participation in this next quarter!”

Philip Barbour High School Band raised $1,638, North Marion High School Track Team raised $900, and Literacy Volunteers of Randolph County came in 3rd with $416.

“Fundraising is often difficult, but ‘Keep the Change’ is one of the easiest for all parties involved that I’ve done over the last 17 years,” said Victor J. Iapalucci, Philip Barbour High School Band Director. “This donation will go in to pay for transportation this year, which on average costs $5,500 per year for all our competitions, games, spectaculars, and parades. Through ‘Keep the Change’, we’re half-way there!”

To participate in the next “Keep the Change” match donation program, which will run through December 31st, simply log donations at www.alleghenyinsurance.com.

 About “Keep the Change”

Allegheny Insurance recognizes the importance of corporate giving as it helps promote a better quality of life for our community, especially our youth. Allegheny helps to support fundraising by donating bottled water, which empowers our local organizations by giving them the tools to surpass any monetary donation we could otherwise give. By receiving free water bottles to sell, non-profits are able to raise money for their causes.

“Keep the Change” was created to encourage community members to “pay it forward” and support additional groups and organizations, by simply filling your empty Allegheny Insurance water bottle with dimes. The bottles hold 1,000 dimes, which equates to a $100 donation to your favorite charity. Learn more about Keep the Change.

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