October 18, 2016

2016-04-9-07-44-57Community involvement becomes second nature to those who make an honest living by providing safety and peace of mind to the community that it serves.  Allegheny Insurance is, without question, one business that feels a strong bond to the area that it works to protect.  When the need presents itself, Allegheny Insurance asks not how much is required, but how can we serve those individuals in order to go above and beyond the need.

With the “Keep the Change” program, Allegheny Insurance is able to donate water bottles to local groups who can then sell them and make at least a 100% profit.  Allegheny Insurance then encourages those who have purchased a water bottle to save dimes with the potential to hold 1,000 dimes or $100 for charitable giving.  By September 1st, Allegheny Insurance promised to match the largest donation up to $1,000 for their efforts.

When the coin counting came to a close, Phillip Barbour High School Band had not only met the $1,000 match, but had surpassed the goal with $1,638 in change. We spoke with the band director, Victor Iapalucci, about his experience with the “Keep the Change” program and what his reaction was after the decided outcome of the campaign:

  • Do you think fundraising is difficult? If so, why? Absolutely. We have parents that work in Randolph, Taylor, Harrison and Barbour Counties – we are just one of many school groups or organizations, clubs, and non-profits that are looking for support for our kids and organization. Barbour County can only take so much and when you extend that into Taylor, Harrison, and Randolph County it’s even more difficult because they have their own causes to support.
  • How did you hear about the Keep the Change program? Actually one of our parents brought the program to our attention early in the summer at our June Band Booster meeting. We thought it would be a good idea. Interesting concept to give a try. North Marion High School’s Track Team had been successful, and we thought if they can do it, then we can.
  • What was the reaction when you first brought this program back to your organization? I wasn’t sure. We had received water from Allegheny Insurance before to sell at our various events. The Philip Barbour band has had positive receptions from Allegheny Insurance in the past. We were unsure if we had gathered dimes if that money would go to our group or to Allegheny Insurance. Once we knew it went to us we thought it was a great idea. In terms of dimes in bottles – really successful.
  • What does your organization have to fundraise for? We do a lot of fundraising for equipment, uniforms (pants, jackets, etc.), music, and transportation. We are a self-supported band booster organization that runs the band itself. We receive very little funds from the Barbour County Board of Education.
  • Compared to other activities (car washes, bake sales, etc.), would you say the Keep the Change program was easier? I’d agree completely. This fundraiser was one of the easier ones I’ve done in 17 years. We started at our chicken dinner, continued through band camp and the Barbour County Fair (where we have a food booth). We had parents take bottles to local businesses as well. Parents gave their annual contribution in dimes to help us toward our goal. It was exceedingly easy and a very thought out fundraising idea. If you can find a business or location to place a bottle that has a lot of traffic – even better.
  • How long did it take you to save dimes and fill bottles? We started collecting the third week of July and ended on August 31st when the contest was over.
  • What will these recently raised funds go toward? This donation will go in to pay for transportation this year. On average it costs $5,500/year for our band to travel to all their competitions, games, spectaculars, and parades.

Are you looking for a new fundraising opportunity for your organization? If so, we encourage you to take a moment and learn more about the “Keep the Change” program and see for yourself just how easy it can be!