In the spring of 2016, Anne Snyder of Westport, Massachusetts, was flying south with her husband, Kendrick, in their privately owned Cessna 182 airplane. To fuel up on their journey, the pair made a pit stop in Elkins where they landed at the Elkins-Randolph County Regional Airport.

While they waited to receive fuel and take a break, Anne picked up a bottle of water from the pilot’s lounge. Allegheny Insurance stocks this fridge with their bottled water with hopes that travelers will exchange for a donation.

Anne began reading the label and became compelled to participate in the Keep the Change program.

Over the course of a year, she put what dimes she could find in the bottle and it began to fill up. “I was always looking for dimes! From searching the house to our vehicles, anywhere I could find them I would look,” she mentioned.

Fast forward to March 9, 2017. Anne and Kendrick were on their way south to Nashville from their home in Westport, Massachusetts. In order to return her bottle filled with dimes, the couple made a special stop in Elkins once more to fuel up and hand over the generous donation.

The Elkins-Randolph County YMCA will use Anne’s donation to help fund youth aquatics programs.

“I want this donation to go toward the local YMCA, particularly toward one of their programs or scholarships.”

With the Snyder’s help, the $100 donation will go toward Allegheny Insurance’s match donation contest which deadlines on March 31, 2017. If in the lead by midnight, Anne’s donation will be matched 100% by Allegheny Insurance, furthering the impact of their generosity.

Keep The Change, Make The Difference

Allegheny Insurance recognizes the importance of corporate giving as it helps promote a better quality of life for our community, especially our youth. Allegheny helps to support fundraising by donating bottled water, which empowers our local organizations by giving them the tools to surpass any monetary donation we could otherwise give. By receiving free water bottles to sell, non-profits are able to raise money for their causes.

“Keep the Change” was created to encourage community members to “pay it forward” and support additional groups and organizations, by simply filling your empty Allegheny Insurance water bottle with dimes. The bottles hold 1,000 dimes, which equates to a $100 donation to your favorite charity. Learn more about Keep the Change.