When it comes to knowing how much insurance coverage to get, you must know how much you have at stake.  Just how much property do you have? If you had to put a price on all your valuables, do you think you could give it an honest price?

When properly insuring your belongings and adequately choosing coverage limits, that is exactly the sort of thing you’ll need to do.

Whether you rent or own your home, your home/renter’s insurance is there to cover not just your home itself, but also the things inside! Without a good idea of what your personals may be worth, you could be improperly covered for catastrophes, which could mean serious gaps in your coverage.

When taking inventory, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. What belongings you have
  2. How much your items are worth
  3. What limits to carry to fully cover your items

It may come as no surprise, that thoroughly taking inventory of everything you own can be a hair-splitting process. Luckily, with Allegheny Insurance, it doesn’t have to be with our Mobile App!

With Allegheny’s mobile inventory checklist, it’s a synch! Gone are the days of packing folders with receipts, photos, and legal forms. Our latest app turns all that clutter into a neat, organized, digital workspace.

With our intuitive home inventory app you can:

  1. Build your home inventory, dividing by room
  2. Populate each room with a list of your belongings
  3. Take pictures for visual reference
  4. Add details such as price, purchase date, serial number, and a description
  5. Quickly total your personal possession value

Now that you have your inventory at your fingertips, you’ll have a head start in maintaining and updating it as your treasures grow. Thanks to our app you can:

  • Help determine appropriate coverage limits
  • Speed up process in the event of a claim
  • Verify losses to your income tax return

Take advantage of Allegheny’s Mobile App located in Google Play or the App Store today! Make your inventory checklist a breeze, and did we mention it’s FREE?