Allegheny Insurance Services, Inc. today announced the Elkins High School Girls Basketball Team as winners of their latest “Keep the Change” match donation program. The team received $750 in a match donation from Allegheny Insurance for their efforts.

Allegheny Insurance’s latest “Keep the Change” initiative ran from January 1 through March 31, 2017. For this outstanding community program, Allegheny Insurance donates bottled water to local sports teams and non-profit organizations who then sell the bottled water at events throughout the year. The groups are then encouraged to promote the “Keep the Change” initiative, a unique pay-it-forward concept in which purchasers keep their water bottle, and use it as a goodwill piggy bank, collecting spare change until it’s full and returning it to the organization who sold it or donating to the charity of their choice. At the end of the three-month period, the Elkins High School Girls Basketball Team had received 7.5 bottles from patrons and purchasers of their water during their season totaling $750 which was then matched by Allegheny Insurance.

“‘Keep the Change’ was easier than any other fundraising initiative that we’ve tried,” said Lauren Silvester and Taylor Maynard, captains of the Elkins High School Girls Basketball Team. “It is simple to always be saving dimes and asking others around you to save theirs for you, and it’s all at no cost to the participants!”

The Elkins High School Girls Basketball Team, who now has a total of $1,700 between selling bottled water, dimes received from patrons and Allegheny Insurance’s match donation, plans to use the money to purchase new uniforms.

“We have greatly enjoyed seeing our ‘Keep the Change’ initiative take hold in our local communities,” said James W. Wallace, President of Allegheny Insurance. “There are many local groups and organizations that are in need of support; this is a great way to actively fundraise and be in the running to receive a matching donation.”

Get Started logging your dimes for our next ‘Keep the Change’ match contest!