Deciding on tying the knot and beginning a new chapter with your partner is one of life’s greatest stepping stones – big changes and even bigger plans for the future! Whether you’ve already gotten hitched or you’re preparing for the big leap, here are some valuable tips and points to consider when preparing for your “forever together”.

  1. Protect the Rock

The engagement ring is a BIG deal – representing your total commitment to your partner. While it means the world to them it also carries a degree of importance to you as well. Once the ring is resting on her hand, it’s time to get it insured! Don’t wait for the diamond to fall out or the ring to get accidentally knocked down the sink drain – yikes! Typically obtaining an appraisal from the store it’s purchased from is all it takes to make sure that you’re not faced with the struggle of replacing this irreplaceable keepsake at any time.

  1. Save The Date, Save The Party

Orchestrating a wedding is a significant financial endeavor – even if you want to keep it small.  Making sure that the big day goes off without a hitch takes some careful planning, a flawless rehearsal, and a bit of finger crossing. Luckily, with the adequate coverage, you can ensure that your special event goes according to plan, covering last minute vendor cancellations, liquor liability, theft of gifts, and much more.

  1. Two Cars – One Policy

If you have separate car insurance policies, you’ll be pleased to find that combining cars and drivers to one policy will yield sizeable savings. While each company is different, typically married couples are eligible for better rates due to the fact insurance providers consider them significantly “safer” clients.

  1. Bundle Bundle Bundle

Looking for even MORE savings with your insurance policies? Easy. Try combining your home and auto insurance under the same carrier and you’ll be earning a credit very soon after.

  1. Caring For Your Loved Ones

If you’re considering adding children into the equation, it’s a great time to ask your agent about life insurance options. Selecting adequate life insurance while you’re young can save you loads on premiums, and will give you peace of mind knowing your family is covered for the worst of storms.