Welcome to the holidays – where family fun, nostalgia and gift giving are at the top of everyone’s list for seasonal merriment. However, we all know the holidays can also drive us crazy, and for good reason. The pressure is on, expectations are high and you will probably have to deal with distant relatives, assemble over-the-top decorations and spend some extra time traveling. Unfortunately, the stressors of the season and unplanned events can turn any Christmas celebration into a liability nightmare. Protect what matters most to you and reduce the likelihood of filing these common holiday insurance claims.

  1. Theft – The holidays are a fun time for you and your family – and for burglars too! Visiting family for the week? Leave that electronic device visible through your car window? Theft and break-ins are at an all-time high in the months of November and December. Allegheny’s Claim Manager, Amy Mullenex, predicts it will be even worse this upcoming holiday season. Lock your car, keep your home well-lit and presents out of sight and temptation.
  2. Fire –  A 15% increase in home fires can be seen during the holiday season. Candles are a common culprit, however holiday light decorations can lead to excess electronics plugged into outlets; more than your circuit can handle. Fireplace and chimney safety should also be addressed with a recommended chimney cleaning to prevent flue fires.
  3. Vehicular Accidents – Without a doubt more vehicles are on the road this time of the year. Visiting family and searching for that last-minute Christmas gift can be stressful. Drivers are distracted, leaving Christmas parties after consuming one too many drinks, or a deer decides to cross the road. With less daylight your evening commute becomes a little less safe, add in icy and snowy weather conditions and you are in for a rough drive home. Avoid driving in wintery conditions and always stay alert on the road for distracted or drunk drivers.

It’s vital to understand how the holidays can increase the risks to your safety and security. Taking the necessary steps to ensure you are protected will give you peace of mind. Invest in homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance or car insurance to guarantee yourself peace of mind. Here at Allegheny Insurance, we understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to your insurance policy to keep you and your family protected year-round.