You have the ability to take control of your future with life insurance. Whether an active part of the labor force, a stay-at-home mother or a combination of roles, women often overlook life insurance and are statistically underinsured despite life insurance costs being less expensive for women than men.

Odds are you haven’t overlooked health, homeowners and auto insurance – with the addition of life insurance you’ll gain significant financial value and protect yourself and your loved ones.

What types of women need life insurance?

Single Women – Even if you are single, life insurance is still important, especially if you carry debt. If something were to happen to you, your debt could become the responsibility of your family. Debt including education loans, mortgages, auto loans and funeral costs would all fall to your family unless you carry a life insurance policy.

Married Women – Many couples today rely on dual incomes to sustain a home and lifestyle. Would your significant other be able to maintain the costs if anything were to happen to you? Life insurance can benefit your spouse by replacing your income and allowing them to live uninhibited by financial burden.

Moms – Mothers are certainly kept busy and can hold a variety of other roles to boot. Whether a stay at home mom or a working mother, life insurance comes into play and should be an important step to consider whether married or single.

  • Single Mothers – If you are a single mother your child’s well-being may primarily be your responsibility. Life insurance can ensure peace of mind that your child’s future would not be jeopardized if anything were to happen to you.
  • Stay-At-Home Mothers – Managing a household is a full-time job. If you are a stay-at-home mother you know your death would mean the majority of your household duties would not be accomplished without hiring outside help resulting in reduced family income. Your surviving spouse would rely on your life insurance policy to continue keeping your household running and your spouse in the workforce.

Allegheny Insurance Services recognizes that life insurance protection is important for all family members. As an independent insurance agent, we can help you identify your coverage needs and advise you on which carrier and policy is right for you.

If you’re interested in discussing your life insurance options further, please feel free to give Anita Bennett, our Life, Health & Benefits Client Service Agent a call at 304.637.9608. We only work with the top life insurance companies, and we can’t wait to help you get the best policy for you and your family.