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Unbeknownst to most, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and now more than ever it is crucial for you to be taking the necessary steps to protect your business’ cyber security. Small to medium-sized businesses are some of the easiest targets for hackers based on poor security protocols. The worst part about these attacks is that about 60% of small businesses that experience an online attack go out of business within six months due to costs associated with fixing these breaches. There are several options to prevent an attack, but also ways to fight back and keep your business alive and well.

Here they are:

  1. Create a plan of attack! Be proactive about preventing a data breach before it has the chance to affect your business. Make sure you aren’t giving our personal information via email, ensure passwords are strong by implementing multi-factor verification, switch to secure web browsers such as Google Chrome. The more ways you are able to tighten your security the less likely you are of a hack.
  2. But, always plan for worst case scenario… While there are so many steps for you to take to strengthen your security, hackers in this day and age are relentless. Make sure you have a plan set in place in the off chance your security plan fails. Figure out how the breach happened, who was affected, what information has been subjected to the hack, and what risks you and your clients are about to face.
  3. Give yourself peace of mind. These attacks tend to be expensive, especially for small businesses. Purchase cyber liability insurance, businesses are not protected against this risk without it. The insurance can cover costs associated with the data breach, or costs/expenses associated with business downtime.

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