Allegheny Insurance is proud to announce today that Elkins Youth Football is the winner of their latest “Keep the Change” match donation program. Elkins Youth Football saved their change throughout their season to receive $1,000 and counting from their supporters which was then matched by Allegheny Insurance.

Allegheny Insurance has created a two-part fundraising plan when they brainstormed their “Keep the Change” program. The first step is Allegheny Insurance donating bottled water to local groups who can sell them and make 100% profit. The second step is encouraging those who purchased the water bottles to use them as a piggy bank to save their dimes. The bottles have the potential to hold 1,000 dimes or $100. Allegheny Insurance then matches the largest donation up to $1,000 for their efforts.

We spoke to Charles Conway, head coach of the midget team, about their experience with the “Keep the Change” program. Here is what Coach Conway had to say:

Do you think fundraising is difficult?

Yes, we do. We’ve had several different fundraisers throughout the season such as a cornhole tournament, spaghetti dinners, selling raffle tickets for various items or fifty-fifty raffles, and of course our concession stand. We are just very fortunate to have excellent support in our fundraising efforts.

How did you hear about the Keep the Change program?

We heard about the Keep the Change program from various people, but my niece, in particular, told us about how she had fundraised through this program and really enjoyed it.

What was the reaction when you first brought this program back to your organization?

When we first brought this idea to our teams, we spoke to the parents and kids separately. A lot of people were familiar with the program and had done it with other groups in town. Everyone was excited and willing to participate in the program which we were very excited about. Everyone was involved with this; players, parents, and even our cheerleaders.

What does your organization have to fundraise for?

We are always fundraising for equipment, jerseys, helmets, field maintenance, travel expenses, and our expenses to play at Wimer Field.

Compared to other activities (car washes, bake sales, etc.), would you say Keep the Change was easier?

It was about the same. People definitely gravitate to different fundraisers and we had a few different fundraisers running at once. The kids really enjoyed this one, especially the competition of who could get more dimes.

How long did it take you to save dimes and fill bottles?

We began this fundraiser at the beginning of our season, so I’d say a little less than three months.

How did your group actually execute the program?

We passed out one bottle to each player after practice and told them to drink it and fill it with dimes. We have seventy-five players and at least half of them participated.

What will these recently raised funds go towards?

We are planning to use these funds to supply a team who needs new helmets or uniforms.

Will you do this fundraiser again?

Yes, we will certainly use it next season as well.

Are you looking for a new fundraising opportunity for your organization? If so, we encourage you to take a moment to learn more about the “Keep the Change” program and see for yourself just how easy it can be!